Kelley & Marco // Engagement Session

Kelley and Marco's love story didn't quite happen immediately after meeting 3 years ago while working as EMT’s. They became fast friends first, and were always there for each other while they were in other relationships.  But after seeing each other dating all the wrong people all the time, Marco finally decided to ask Kelley out on a date and the rest was history. Since then, they both transitioned into different careers and Kelley has fallen in love with Marco’s passion with Jeeps and off-roading.  They’re the definition of “die hard Jeepers.” I honestly never knew "Jeeping" existed, let alone that it was such an intense hobby! 

When I met with Kelley and Marco, and we started discussing their engagement session and we knew that including their Jeeps was a must. We also quickly discovered how much we all loved Big Bear!  So I packed up my husband, dog, and camera and Kelley and Marco packed up their Jeeps. Yep, one Jeep just wasn’t enough; they had to bring both.  His and Hers: “Rusty” and “Squeaks."

We decided to start shooting in a place they found with an old cabin hidden amoungst some off-roading trails. Kelley and Marco did the honors of introducing me to the world of off-roading first hand. It was a very dusty and bumpy adventure. We arrived at the first location and enjoyed the beautiful view of the mountains surrounding alittle wood cabin in Holcomp Valley.  Kelley and Marco showed off how much they can make each other laugh, which made it very easy for me to capture their love. 

Our next location was even better. My husband and I found it location during a hike earlier in the day. It was an area called North Shore. It had wonderful trees, beautiful light and green lush grass on the edge of Big Bear Lake. There was also a perfect spot to park the Jeeps.  I was really excited to include something that they both love to do together and incorporate it into their engagement session.  That is what made this engagement session so special. 

After the photo session, we invited Kelley and Marco over for dinner and enjoyed spending quality time getting to know them even more. Photographer Bonus!

I am truly blessed that I get to work with Kelley and Marco and capture their wedding day in November!


Here are some favorites...


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