What should we wear?

This is always a tough one for most of us. Everyone has his or her own taste and style. I encourage you to stay true to YOU and your style. However, there is some simple fashion "dos and don’ts", that can help guide you to dress and look your very best for your session.

 * Do mix and match colors- Pick 3 main colors and 2-3 prints. If everyone wears the same color, there isn’t going to be much contrast or color in the photograph.

 * Do accessorize. A good rule of thumb is that everyone should have two layers on top. These could be some type of sweater, jacket, or blazer. Jewelry is a good way to dress up a simple dress or top. Other great accessories are: bow ties, hats, suspenders, tights, belts, and scarves.

 *Do dress up more than “casual.” In other words, dresses, lace, silky fabrics and ruffles are great for woman and little girls. Different textures are great too.

 *Do wear more make-up than usual. The “everyday” make-up will not show in pictures, so ladies you will need to take it to the next level.

 *Do bring a multiple wardrobe choices. Two outfits are always better than one. We can do always do a wardrobe change.

 *Don’t wear any kind of logos on shirts or sweaters, unless there is a sports theme in the session. Logos do not compliment well in portraits. I encourage button downs or collared shirts for men and boys (babies can be an exception).

 *Don’t wear white button down shirts; they don’t look great in some lighting situations.

 If you are still unsure of what to wear, Pinterest is a great place for wardrobe inspiration. And of course, I am always here to answer questions and give suggestions.

 How do we prep our newborn for its first photo-shoot?

I recommend booking a newborn session within the first two weeks of birth if you want to capture all of the cute little sleepy poses with lots of props. Personally, I like capturing more natural newborn moments; awake and moving around. Whether your baby is 4 days old or 4 weeks old, a newborn photo session is always the sweetest way to capture some new family love. My sessions require lots of cuddling and swooning.

 Some tips:

* Make sure your baby is well fed before we start. This makes for a nice full belly, which will hopefully lead to a very sleepy baby.

 *If we’re shooting indoors, keep windows and doors closed so the house stays extra warm. Putting the heater on for a little while is a good idea too. Babies sleep better warm.

 *Try not to stress about anything. Babies cry and it’s ok to take as many breaks as needed so that you can give your baby as much attention as he/she needs to become content and happy again. I have no set time limit on newborn sessions; the baby will pretty much run the show.

 *Items around the house that are great props for newborn sessions are: blankets, stuffed animals, wedding rings, hats, bows and head bands, baskets, daddy’s sports equipment (i.e. football, soccer ball, baseball glove, etc.), and a little naked baby booty.

 *We need as much natural light as possible, so great areas to shoot are near windows. It’s not hard to find cozy little places in your home. The bedroom is the perfect little intimate spot for sweet cuddly family moments.  The living room and nursery work well too if there is room.

 *As far as wardrobe, simple and softer colors are best. They’ll give your pictures a more intimate and clean look.

 Where should we have our session?

*For the family: I have several spots I like to shoot at that I can recommend. I will definitely help you decide on the best place for you and your family. It all depends on the style of pictures you want. If there is a special place that your family likes to go, those are always great places because it will help tell the story of your family.

For engaged couples: A place that represents you as a couple, or someplace that goes along with the theme of your wedding.

*For newborns: The home is always best, it’s cozy, comfortable, and easy for everyone. However, a newborn baby in outside lighting is absolutely beautiful!

 What type of editing is done to our images?

I use a professional photography program called Lightroom. Most of my editing is lighting adjustments. In addition, everyone wants to look flawless in photos, especially us woman, so I do some skin softening and blemish removal.

 What are the best ages for Baby Photography?

Let's face it; every day of a baby's life is adorable. It's hard to not reach for that smart phone or camera every time they make a cute facial expression or strike a cute pose. I definitely encourage you to get all of the pictures you can to savor these moments. You can never take or share too many pictures of your baby. YES, even on Facebook.

- Newborn: I recommended that newborn photos be taken within the first 10 days of life. A sleepy baby is an easy pose and stays asleep so we can move them around without disturbing his/her sleep.  Not to worry though, if you miss that opportunity, 2-6 weeks old are still great ages for newborn photos.

 - 3-4 months: Babies have head control and make cute little giggles. It’s a great time for tummy shots.

-  6-8 months: At this time, your baby is full of smiles, can sit on their own, and hold onto things. This is a perfect time to capture their emerging personalities in action.  I love this age.

 - 1 year -13 months: Wow, time flies! It's a milestone for sure. They are walking and getting into everything. Personalities are developing even more and they're full of wonder.

 18 months and 2-year-olds are great too.

How do you handle children who don't want their photo taken?

Preparing for your session can be a little time consuming and stressful because you want everything to be perfect, especially if you have little ones.

Wondering how they are going to behave is always a worry for you mommies. Not to worry, I have a lot of patience for your little ones so that I capture those perfect moments as a family. However, sometimes kids just can’t sit still enough or are too excited and want to explore.  This is a perfect opportunity to capture them in their own little moments. Those are definitely going to be some of the sweetest photos. Disclaimer: I will bribe your children with my bag of sweets and treats!

 I hope I get to see your baby grow-up through my camera lens!