Hello and Welcome!






A little bit about me! 

1. My family and friends are a huge part of my life and I love them with all my soul. 

2. I have been married for 13 YEARS to my best friend. I got this marriage thing down! 

3. My husband and I have a three year old little warrior girl named Eloise with “unique needs”. I am her biggest cheerleader as she conquers all the challenges of cerebral palsy.

4. Jesus is the center of my life. I can't do life without him. 

5. I prefer Dunkin Donut ( iced vanilla latte) Coffee over Starbucks. Coffee everyday please.

6. I can't live without lip gloss. I have a huge collection. 

7. I am super friendly and I am not shy. My husband also says I have a bubbly personality. 

8. I don't eat red meat. It's a long story. 

9. I have a 11 year old dog, his name is Cash. He's 90 pounds and a Chessie. 

10. I love chick flicks... I am a total hopeless romantic which is why being a wedding photographer is and always has been my dream job. 



    To THE Brides:

If you’re reading this it must mean that the love of your life has just asked you the big question. “Will You Marry Me”!

Congratulations, you’re ENGAGED!!!

You’re now a busy bride-to-be planning your dream wedding and searching for the perfect photographer to document your Wedding Day. I am so glad you’re here.

Your “Big Day” is a HUGE day for me, too! My mission is to give you the Ultimate Wedding Experience - To serve you and exceed all of your expectations.

My goal is to capture all of the pretty little details you planned and created to make your wedding day unique and special. I shoot in all natural light and thrive to capture the REAL + AUTHENTIC emotions between you and the one you love. We will document every emotion; from you slipping into her dress, the groom seeing his bride for the first time, to the last guest to step off of the dance floor. Our mission is to give you all the memories that captured the DAY, the LOVE, and how you looked so you can remember it + relive it over and over again. My job as your wedding photographer is not just taking photos. We will also be there to help make sure your day is stress free, organized and on schedule so you can enjoy your day with your family and friends.


   To the Mamas:

The best part of being a photographer is having the opportunity to capture all of the exciting events in life. I never really believed how fast little ones really grow until I having one of my own. Like all mama's, I want to remember + relive every moment of my daughter from when I carried her for nine months in my tummy, holding her sweet little new life in my arms and seeing her smiling + giggling with her daddy. It makes my heart happy and thankful that I can print and display these memories through photography in our home.

I believe in letting kids be kids, having fun + naturally capturing ALL the love. I'am COMMITTED to giving you a stress free and fun portrait session EXPERIENCE.

      Contact me directly to set up a consultation - jenn@dearlybeloved-photography.com / 949.870.7762

       Dearly,  Jenn Kostich