Dear Cathy + Jose // San Clemente, CA

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I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing this wedding with you. This couple is near and dear to my heart.

I actually got to see Cathy and Jose's love story unfold. Cathy was my daughters physical therapist at CHOC at the time, so we got to know each other very well.  I always enjoyed hearing about all of her amazing dates with Jose.  I got weekly updates on how wonderful the relationship was going and it was obvious how quickly they were falling in love with each other. I knew it was only a matter of time before he was going to propose. It was just a couple of months later that when Cathy came into the therapy waiting room to greet us, I saw the beautiful engagement ring on her finger! We spent the next couple of months talking all about her wedding and I was thrilled when they asked me to be their photographer. 

Cathy and Jose decided on a intimate spring wedding with their closest family and friends. Their wedding was held at a beautiful coastal venue in San Clemente called, " The Casino". Their wedding had lots of rose gold accents and soft spring inspired florals.  Cathy looked absolutely beautiful in her lace dress.  They exchanged their own vows in a simple outdoor ceremony which included their two little girls to share the joy of becoming a family of four.  It was absolutely perfect. 

After the ceremony Cathy, Jose and I jumped into the cutest little getaway car ( as you'll see below) and we headed down to the beach for some portraits. The light hitting the sand was beautiful and made for some dreamy and whimical bride and groom portirats. 

The rest of the evening was filled with drinks, food, dancing and celebrating! 

Not only was it an honor to capture this day for Cathy and Jose but it was so lovely being able to witness such a beautiful marriage for such a kind, genuine and God loving couple. It will always be one of my favorites weddings. Thank you Cathy and Jose. 


Here is just a little glimpse into their perfect Wedding Day. 

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The Amazing Vendors:

Venue: The Casino, San Clemente

Florals: Wild Flower SC

Coordinator: Joy n Company

Hair and Make-up: Blush by M. Marie

Bakery: Cinderella Cakes

Catering: Jay's Catering

DJ: Extreme DJ

Photography: Dearly Beloved Photography