Lexi + Cameron // San Diego, CA

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Nicolas Creative Touch / @nicolascreativetouch

The White Planning Co / @thewhiteplanningco

Aline Bichara Party Decor / @alinebicharapartydecor


Vintage Rentals:

Dapper Vintage Rentals / @dappervintagerentals

Rentals: Anar Party Rentals / @anarpartyrentals

Bridal Attire: D'Angelo Bridal Couture / @dangelo_bridal

Bridesmaids Attire: D’Angelo Bridal Couture /@dangelo_bridal

Groom Attire: Friar Tux / @friartux

Lace Wedding Boots & Bridal Shoes: House of Elliot / @houseofelliotlaceboots

Stationery Designer: Just Created by MJ /  @justcreatebymj

Cake & Dessert: Cakes by Lia / @cakesbylia

Botanical Tropical Florist: Florals by Patricia / @floralsbypatricia

Fall Theme Florist: The Sweetest Blooms / @thesweetestblooms

Flavors: Gourmet Wedding Gifts / @gourmetweddinggifts

Handmade Vintage Accessories: Vintage Adornments @vintageadornments

Hairstylist: Chelsea Caddick / @chelsearosebeauty

Makeup Artist: 

Rachel Gallenberger / @rachelmariemakeupartistry

Kylie Brochavick / @kyliebrockavich

Chelsea Caddick / @chelsearosebeauty






Bride: Actress JC Henning

Groom: Actor Bubba Dean Rambo


Groom:Marcial Kayth Tagao / @marcial32767

Bride: Meghan Fowler / @meghannfowler


Groom:Cameron Penn / 

Bride: Lexi Keller / @who_is_lexi




Amber Fernandez / @amberfernandex

Jacqueline Penn / @jacqueline.penn

Annika Shamachar